When Your Top Priority
Is the Needle in a Haystack

Crowdsource and test ideas with pairLab.

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Problems ...

"Everything" isn't a priority.

We’ve all been in that room with those stakeholders. You’re there to demo your vision. The problem is, each has their own view of what’s important. Sound familiar? It happens to all of us:

Product Development

"I need to figure out what my customers want from my product." Whether you’re a lean-and-mean startup building that killer app, a dev team looking to define the minimally viable product or a seasoned product manager trying to find the most important feature to release, the stakes are too high for guessing.


"I need to know what my customers want from my brand." Marketers need to find the right message and gauge their reputation. But what if different customer groups perceive your brand differently? Trial and error is an expensive process.

Event Planning

"I need to find the right topics for my event." Organizing a conference or summit is a lot of work. You have to line up the right speakers to fill seats with attendees. But how do you find out what your attendees want to learn, or how does your committee accurately rank session proposals? Simple voting isn’t good enough.

Idea Discovery

"I need to know what I don’t know." Open-ended surveys uncover lots of ideas. Too bad they're a nightmare to analyze. Closed-ended surveys are easy to analyze but leave out up to 60% of possible ideas. If only there was an analytics tool that did the best of both.

Opportunity Mining

"I need to find hidden opportunities." Stakeholders want one thing, but do they align with customers? Finding the areas of misalignment can unearth new opportunities (and help avoid costly mistakes).

Cost and Speed

"I don’t have a lot of time and money to spend." Customer studies take a long time and cost thousands of dollars. Or do they?

... Have Solutions

Run an ex•pair•i•ment.

With a pairLab expairiment, you have the power to bring stakeholders to your side. pairLab finds what your customers want and by how much, helps you hone your messaging, uncovers new ideas and opportunities, prioritizes needs, and does it quickly and cost effectively. A pairLab expairiment:


Breaks down complex choice

into simple pairs that are easy for people to judge

Crowdsources new ideas

that are fed back into the expairiment

Prioritizes ideas by magnitude

of their importance to participants

Compares priorities

of different segments and demographic groups

Is quick to set up

and quick to complete

Changes the discussion

about what's important and what's not


Here's what an expairiment looks like.

1. Set up an expairament

Each expairiment begins with a survey that defines the question, messaging and demographic segments.

2. Add the ideas to survey

Seed your expairiment with ideas to test.

3. Run the Expairiment

Participants choose the idea they prefer from a pair of ideas presented to them, or suggest one of their own.

4. Scrub your data for quality

Review each participant against QA checks.

5. Review Performance

Look at the high-level stats for your expairiment to see how it's performing.

6. See the Results


See the results of your expairiment on ranking reports that slice your data into incredibly insightful reports.

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