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Problems ...

"Everything" isn't a priority.

Your killer app needs killer product features. How do you choose the right features for your minimum viable product? How do you create your roadmap and plan your product lifecycle? How do you convince your bosses what product features will work? And how do you do all this while staying on schedule for launch? It's chaos, and it happens to every product manager.

Product Management

"I need to know what product features my customers need and want." Whether you’re a lean-and-mean startup building that killer app, a dev team looking to define MVP or a seasoned product development manager trying to create a product roadmap, the stakes are too high for guessing customer needs.


"I need to know what my customers want from my brand." Market research needs to find the right message and gauge reputation. But how do you know when different customer groups perceive your product differently? Trial-and-error is an expensive process.

Product Discovery

"I need to know what I don’t know." An open-ended customer survey uncovers lots of ideas. Too bad they're a nightmare to analyze. A closed-ended customer survey is easy to analyze but leaves out up to 60% of possible ideas. If only there was a tool that did the best of both.

Opportunity Mining

"I need to find hidden opportunities." Stakeholders want one thing, but do they align with your customers’ pains and gains? Finding areas of misalignment can unearth new opportunities (and help avoid costly mistakes), and inform the success of your product development lifecycle.

User and Customer Experience

"I need to prioritize what my customers value." We all say we are not our customer, so why guess about customer needs? Prioritize wrong and you lose them.

Cost and Speed

"I don’t have a lot of time to spend." Customer studies take a long time and cost thousands of dollars. Not anymore.

... Have Solutions

Run an ex•pair•i•ment.

Let your customers tell you what product features are important to them and how passionate they are about what they want. A pairLab expairiment mates a pairwise survey to a supersmart algorithm that tells you which features and ideas rise to the top and which ones don't. pairLab maps a way forward -- all with confidence, clarity and speed. A pairLab expairiment:


Finds hidden needs

by breaking down complex choice into simple pairs that are easy to judge

Crowdsources new ideas

that are fed back into the expairiment for testing

Prioritizes ideas

by different segments and demographic groups you define

Finds the solution

showing you what to do and what to ignore

Is quick to set up

and quick to complete

Changes the discussion

about what's important and what's not

All pairLab expairiments come with:

  • Dashboard to manage your expairiments at a glance
  • Step-by-step help, with a real example to teach you best practices
  • Control over survey access to keep your results accurate
  • Link and embed code to distribute surveys where you need them
  • Friendly participant experience to encourage people to take your survey
  • Crowdsourcing features to uncover your participants' hidden needs
  • Participant segments to see into each customer demographic
  • Custom messaging to make your survey personal and inviting
  • Social media image upload to make your survey more engaging on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Data scrubbing that shows you where bad data could affect your results
  • Real-time snapshot of performance data to see how your expairiment is doing and identify the right mix of participants
  • Idea ranking by participants and segments to understand their needs and compare them quantitatively
  • Multidimensional scaling to gain deep insights into needs and opportunities
  • Downloadable tables and charts to include in your reports and presentations

Here's what an expairiment looks like.

Click on a screenshot to see pairLab in action.

1. Set up an expairiment

Each expairiment begins with a poll that defines the question, messaging and demographic segments.

2. Add the ideas to poll

Seed your expairiment with ideas to test.

3. Run the Expairiment

Participants are helped along by the friendly lab manager.

4. Choose the Better Idea, or Add Your Own

Participants choose the idea they prefer from a pair of ideas presented to them, or suggest one of their own.

5. Scrub your data for quality

Review each participant's data against QA checks.

6. Review Performance

Look at the high-level stats for your expairiment to see how it's performing.

7. Analyze the Results

See the results of your expairiment on ranking reports that slice your data with incredibly insightful visual reports you can download.

Case Study

How pairLab helped Princeton University create its intranet.

Christian Knoebel works at Princeton. He created pairLab as a tool to help him develop digital products and services for work. Learn how pairLab helped him build an intranet for his university colleagues by finding MVP and a product name in just a few days.

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