What Is Read-Only Mode?

Your expairiments are in read-only mode when you see padlocks like these:

Padlock on My Expairiments page
Survey status padlock
Padlocks on your My Expairiments page and survey status indicate read-only mode

Why Is My Account in Read-Only Mode?

Your account is in read-only mode when your subscription has ended. Your subscription ends because you cancelled it or because your payment method can not be used.

What Is the Consequence of Read-Only Mode?

Results from your expairiments are available for you to view. Don't worry, nothing is lost.

However, your expairiments are locked, which means participants can no longer access them, and you cannot edit them. Also, you can't create new expairiments.

How Do I Remove Read-Only Mode?

When you resubscribe to pairLab, your account comes out of read-only mode. The locks disappear, your past expairiments are again open to editing and participant voting, and you can create new expairiments.

Posted by Christian
on March 2, 2022