Add Ideas

The Warning Message (Spooky)

When you create a survey, you will see an orange warning that says, “Add ideas: The survey requires at least three to run.” If you see this message, the survey cannot be taken because we can’t get meaningful results from zero, one or two ideas. We need at least three to get good results. This message appears even when the survey status is "open."

Once you add three ideas, this warning disappears and the survey is available to participants if you have opened it.

How to Add Ideas

  • Click on the Active Ideas accordion
  • Click the “Add Ideas” button
  • Put your ideas in the Idea field. You can add one or more. If you add more than one idea, put each idea on a new line
  • Under status, Approved is the default, which means these ideas available to survey participants
    • You can also choose In Queue, which stashes it in the suggestion queue
  • Click Submit

The idea counter reflects how many ideas you have in the queue.

Managing Active Ideas

You may edit an idea's text anytime. However, you cannot change its status or delete it once it has votes.

The Suggestions Queue

Suggestions are crowdsourced ideas given to you by survey participants that you can feed back into the survey for evaluation. You must approve them and you can edit them. When you receive a suggestion, you will get an email asking you to evaluate it.

Keep in mind:

  • Not all suggestions are ideas. People will tell you all sorts of things here, and while those data aren’t always ideas, they can be valuable for other reasons (every once in a while, you will find something very useful)
  • Not every idea looks like one. Some statements belie ideas but need some thought and editing to make them useful
  • You may see suggestions that are already in the survey. Often people make suggestions before they see them.

The idea counter reflects how many ideas you have in the queue.

Managing Suggested Ideas

To move a suggestion to the active ideas queue:

  • Click the Edit button for an idea
  • Edit the idea text if you want
  • Under status, choose Approved
  • Click save

You can bulk delete or approve suggestions by clicking check boxes next to each idea in the queue and hitting the appropriate edit or delete button at the bottom of the list.


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